Free Domain Names

There are plenty of ads on the internet advertising free domain names and free extensions. So what is the best way to get a free domain name?

You might get a free domain name if you sign up with a web hosting company and go for their package that consists of web hoisting, website design and the works. This is the most common form of free domain offered by web hosting service providers. Also, most free domains are offered on shared servers, thus the performance of your website in such cases are bound to be affected.

If you do not want to spend too much on your domain, you do have the options of going for some really low priced domains. There are a large number of companies that offer web hosting services and domain names for prices as low as £0.95 per year or free domain names with web hosting. Depending on the extension that you seek, the cost of the package changes. The more popular extensions are charged higher that the less common one.

With a range of such low priced web hosts available, who will also provide good service, you do not need to go looking for a presumable "free" domain provider. Pick one of these as per your requirements and they will certainly prove to be a value for money proposition.

UK's Best Low cost Domain Name providers

CheapDomainNames is a brand operated by of one of the UK's leading and long established domain providers, Namesco Limited part of an international group managing in excess of 1.5 domain name registrations worldwide. With CheapDomainNames you can register your domain name for as little as £2.99 per year or get it free with a web hosting account.

UK2.Net has been a profitable company since day one and has sold over a million domain names. As one of the fastest growing internet companies in the UK, UK2.Net hosts thousands of websites and dedicated servers for customers in various countries.

Found in 1997, Easyspace has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of high quality, low cost web hosting and domain name services and is now one of the UK's largest domain name and web hosting providers. Providing services to all levels of business from SME's through to large corporates, the Easyspace provision includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, email services, internet security, domain services, blogging tools and web design opportunities.

While there are many other web hosting companies, the above is just an indicative list. In order to choose the perfect host for you, do not just focus on the price. It is best to check out the other factors such as technology and reliability.