Premium Domain Names

The registration of your domain name is something that you should consider very carefully. Your domain name is going to be your personal or your company^s identity on the internet and will potentially attract millions of customers to your business. Any errors in the registering of your domain name can lead to you wasting your time and resources on something that will, ultimately, be useless.

If you want your name to stick out or your internet venture to flourish, there are a few things to consider:

Keep it catchy - Millions have already been registered. Make yours stick out and easy to remember.

The shorter the better - The longer the name, the greater is the risk of typographical errors.

Keep it all one word - Try not to add hyphens "-" in your domain name if you can help it as telling people your email address may become confusing for them when you try to explain what a hyphen or dash is. However, if your web address/email address will predominately be on advertising material a hyphen often helps as it visually splits and highlights your name better.

Checking Domain Availability

After finalising on your domain name you need do make sure if it is available. There are many sites on the internet that can help you check the availability of the name you have chosen. Such sites include,, and many others. If your first choice name is not available, try to change the extension, keeping the name of the site the same. Instead of .com, try or any of the other extensions. In such cases you can also try using a hyphen.


The third and the final step of the process is the registration, remember to keep your domain name registration details up to date as you would do with any other legal transaction.

Keeping these points in mind will ensure that you choose an appropriate domain name that will act as a boon for your business.

Sometimes it's not possible to find availability of your preferred domain name and that's when you may want to look at premium domain names (buying domain names directly from a party currently holding the registration) or back-ordering services provided online.